Elegant unisex Stole CAMELIA blue

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Beautiful and elegant, this Camelia stole is a sophisticated accessory in Merino wool and modal, enriched by a unique jacquard pattern which revives your inborn sense of style.
Soft and pleasant to the touch, this scarf is a hint of refreshing spontaneity for the perfect outfit on any occasion.
Woven on our precious wooden looms from the 1940s, it is a unisex stole manufactured from a combination of soft Italian yarns, selected by our skilled artisans. Let yourself be embraced by its comforting warmth and enhance your style.

Collection: CAMELIA.
Sizes: 75X200 cm.
Yarns: 58% Pure virgin Merino wool (WV), 40% Modal (MD), 2% Polyacrylic (PC).
Colour: Blue stole
Characteristics: Unisex stole with jacquard pattern.

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