Women’s cashmere and modal print foulard FLAVORS Art 11030

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This women’s foulard presents a subtle print, but it will surely not go unnoticed. Made from velvety modal and soft cashmere, this foulard will surprise you with its delicate, enveloping softness.

The black backdrop is enriched with floral designs that are underscored by the lively, bright colours. It is the perfect fashion accessory for a romantic soul who prefers a delicate style which makes, however, a statement.

Carefully created, every single feature is exquisitely highlighted by the fine details, thanks to the handcrafted workmanship carried out on precious age-old Florentine looms from the 1940s.


Collection: FLAVORS.
Size: 140X140 cm.
Yarns: 90% Modal (MD), 10% Cashmere (WS).
Colour: Floral print foulard with azure, yellow and pink details.
Description: Cashmere and modal print foulard.

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