Women’s cashmere and modal print foulard FLAVORS Art 11040

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Playfully bizarre geometric shapes are united with bright chromatic effects. This women’s foulard, with its decisive colours and bright contrasts against a black backdrop is a definite statement piece: it’s perfect to enliven even the most discreet looks, turning them into elegant outfits with a touch of creativity that is never out of place.

Soft, velvety and delicate to the touch, let this pure cashmere and modal foulard woven on age-old looms from the 1940s envelop you. Once you have worn this foulard, it will be almost impossible to go without its swathing warmth.

The multichromatic pattern gives it a wonderfully contemporary watercolour effect. It is perfect for anyone who is keen on always being trendy and in style.


Collection: FLAVORS.
Size: 140X140 cm.
Yarns: 90% Modal (MD), 10% Cashmere (WS).
Colour: Fantasy print foulard with azure, yellow and red geometric shapes against a black backdrop.
Description: Cashmere and modal print foulard.

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